Nashville Tornado

There was an awful tornado near my former home base last night. East Nashville the absolute heart of our Tennessee world has been torn out. Our hearts here go out to the folks whose lives have been altered. Here is a preliminary look at some of the damage. Click here for a full page map…
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Mill District 1938 There has been a ton of new buildings going up in the “Mill District” including the upcoming 40 story tower. But what was here in the past? Have a look at an aerial photograph taken in 1938.

Snow Emergency Towing

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Cartograms are my favorite type of map. They distort the geometry to represent some other attribute than area.

Ship Breaking

Ship breaking is the industry involved in recycling ships materials into new products. Near Chittagong Bangladesh are some of the worlds largest and most dangerous ship breaking yards in the world. Just scroll around the map and see the scale of this. Look at the video and see these folks working in the mud of…
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