Putting Spatial Intelligence in your Event

What we do.

We provide mapping services for the event and tourism industries. We use the latest cartography and mapping techniques to bring your patrons a more enriched experience by providing them more of the information they need. We work closely with organizations to provide custom mapping set ups, map branding, integrate custom data feeds, making beautiful and functional visualizations that will mount right into your existing web infrastructure. Our web maps are mobile-ready and can offer descriptions, pictures, directions, filtering and much more depending on your needs.

Benefits of our services include enriching user experiences with the goal of boosting word of mouth referrals, increased year over year retention, and highlighting portions of your event that need a special spotlight. Our goal is to help your patrons get more out of their experience. No one knows what makes your place special better than you and we can help others see it the way you do.


Events are full of people who are new to a space, and with many simultaneously occuring events in one small space. Planet Krouton can help your patrons make the most out of their experience


Home buying is the biggest financial decision in many people’s lives. Each person is unique. Planet Krouton’s unique customer profile based valuation models help real estate agents offer a unique new tool to their clients.

Is a GIS developer to expensive to have on staff all the time? Hire Planet Krouton to automate that repetitive task and replace all of that intern with a scipt that is a lot easier to manage. GIT Repo

Founder and President

Lifelong Geography Nerd